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Information on Cornwall and the Eclipse

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On August 11th this year we all know that there will be a total solar eclipse causing darkness over the whole of the South West but one thing that cannot be known yet is the number of people visiting the Westcountry. The number can be estimated but that would not be accurate enough. However there will be more people than the roads can accommodate causing congestion on the roads.

This, though is just half the problem for some people, because if they have not yet booked accommodation then it may be virtually impossible to obtain any. People will let houses out for thousands of pounds and many would not hesitate to book. The line of totality of the eclipse runs straight through Cornwall, so there will be nowhere that it's not visible.

Obviously the duration in each location will vary, and by quite a lot, from 14 seconds in Teighnmouth to 2 minutes and 6 seconds in several places in Cornwall. It would be advised to wear eclipse shades before the total eclipse for first and second contact and after it for third and fourth and preferably at least part of the maximum eclipse.

As for the transport aspect of the eclipse there will be no roadworks in

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Devon and Cornwall from August the fourth It's possible that electronic roadsigns will be placed as far North as Birmingham and as far East as Swindon informing other road users of the traffic siuation.

Adrian Ruck of the AA said "the week of the eclipse will be one of the busiest ever on the roads in the South West" He also said "There will be and extra 50 AA patrols brought in from other parts of the country to as troubleshooters. Thousands of people will travel on Wales and West trains and Great Western Trains will provide an extra 27 trains in the week of the eclipse. Needless to say that all of the emergency services will be on standby to ensure everything goes well.

A service spokesman Darren Gibson said "Maximum use of motorcycle paramedics will be made who would attempt emergency situations quicker than ordinary ambulances."

Cornwall fire brigade will have tactics to fight any problems the eclipse poses and even military assistance is being considered. There will be many of the Devon and Cornwall police force travelling around the South West to assist their colleagues in any situation that requires them.

Written by: Craig Roberts